‘Pop Music Production’
Manufactured Pop and BoyBands
of the 1990s

Dr. Phil Harding   |   Edited by Mike Collins

This book delves into academic depths around the pop music culture, business, songwriting and production process. It balances autobiographical discussion of events and relationships with cutting-edge analysis to offer poignant points on the value of pure popular music, particularly in relation to BoyBands and how creative pop production and songwriting teams function. 

Including practical resources such as recording studio equipment lists, producer business deal examples and a 12-step mixing technique and is aimed at lecturers and students of all levels in the fields of Music Production, Audio Engineering, Music Technology, Popular Songwriting Studies and Popular Music Culture. 

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‘PWL From The Factory Floor’
Expanded Edition

Phil Harding   |   Edited by John Paul Palmer

Refreshingly and affectionately frank, Phil tells the inside story of PWL Studios, the base of Stock Aitken & Waterman, and one of the most successful and fast-paced music studios of all time. His pivotal role provides a uniquely broad perspective, extending from the ‘top’ of the organisation (mixing many classic SAW hits), right down to the ‘bottom’ (training up-and-coming engineers), as well as involvement in the creative, business (and diplomatic!) aspects of being an acclaimed producer in his own right and developing a profile and client base (such as a young Simon Cowell) under the management of Pete Waterman.

The 600-page book also takes in the technicalities of studio work, including a detailed case study of the mixing of a No. 1 single in the form of Kylie Minogue’s ‘Hand On Your Heart’, and information on the techniques and cutting edge technology used in making the studio a world leader. A must-read for 80s, club, dance and pop devotees, contemporary music followers, studio technicians and creators and those with any interest in the extreme highs and lows that only pop music can provide.

Paperback (Expanded Edition)   |   E-Book (Text-only abridged)  

“...A truly useful text for a variety of audiences. It works as a research reference, as a potential text for college courses (one can envision a popular music course that examines the record 'factories' from the 20th century, such as PWL, Motown, Stax, etc, for which this would be a great resource) and finally, as an entertaining read about a fascinating era in pop music.”  

Eddie Ashworth  |  Assistant Professor & Sequence Director: Audio Production - Ohio University 

“This is an important book for many reasons. It provides a fascinating insider account of a key moment in the history of British pop and dance music. It has the best account I've ever read of what a mixer does and why they do it. It charts the impact of changing technology on studio practice while showing how that technology was itself been shaped by the endless imaginative verve of producers and engineers. And, above all, it illustrates brilliantly how in popular music the creative process is essentially collaborative, involves a fusion of aesthetic, commercial and technical judgements that is impossible to understand without access to the kind of detailed analysis that Phil Harding provides. This should be on the reading list for every course on music technology, music performance and music business.” 

Simon Frith  |  Tovey Professor of Music, University of Edinburgh 

“For an exhaustive account of the functioning of a highly successful studio at the height of its powers, this book would be hard to beat. From the attention to detail and the sense a reader gains of what decisions were made, how, and why, Harding's account of some of the nuts and bolts of Pete Waterman's operation is very much that of the critical insider. This perspective has much to offer the serious student.”

Professor Allan F. Moore  |  Dept of Music & Sound Recording, University of Surrey

Some public reviews on Amazon...

“Wow. Just finished reading Phil's book from start to finish. I've read both Mike Stock's and Pete Waterman's efforts, but this is truly in a league of its own - in terms of depth and presenting the PWL story in such a vivid, definitive and ‘real’ way. The MS and PW books feel artificial and ‘window dressing’-like, in comparison... For me, this is the business. I totally forgive Phil for brushing off my demo tape in 1989!!” 

“Wow! I finally got around buying ‘PWL From The Factory Floor’ and I would go on to say that it is a ‘PWL bible’... it is an amazing read.”

“I loved it...It gave a side that Pete and Mike don't really give in their books.”

 + CD
‘Phil Harding Club Mixes Of The 80s’
Double CD

Companion to the ‘PWL From The Factory Floor’ book

With a CV resembling a ‘Who's Who’ of the music industry, remixer and producer, Phil Harding's career spans over 30 years... from recording The Clash in the 70s, remixing and producing top club/dance and pop acts in the 80s and 90s, to recently working with Lamont Dozier in L.A. In the 80s, working out of a basement studio in the Pete Waterman-owned PWL studio complex (with production partner Ian Curnow), Phil Harding club mixes and productions dominated the dancefloors and club charts on an international scale. On this long-awaited, double-CD package (with 24-bit digital remastering) are 25 sought-after classic 80s remixes and rarities...



Previously unreleased tracks and mixes  JIMMY RUFFIN stunning unreleased production | RICK ASTLEY (2 unreleased mixes including the original ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ Club Mix + 2 unreleased Harding/Curnow productions) and a planned SINITTA 1990 re-launch with a Madonna ‘Vogue’-style club sound. 

Comprehensive colour booklet  packed with new research, Phil Harding mix commentary and interviews on an unprecedented scale (30,000 words - equivalent to an extra 5 chapters-worth if included in the book)... In addition to an in-depth brand new interview with Phil Harding and Ian Curnow together on ‘the making of’ these tracks and beyond, there are interviews with 10 other artists/industry personnel involved with these tracks back-in-the-day. With a selection including 10 US Dance Chart hits (4 reaching No. 1) and UK club and singles chart successes too numerous to mention (and many never-before-on-CD), ‘PHIL HARDING CLUB MIXES OF THE 80s’ is a must-have release for 80s club, dance and pop devotees alike.   

Short Preview Megamix of the first 7 tracks (the tracks on the CD are separate and full length)...
01. Michael Jackson with The Jackson 5  |  I Want You Back ['88] (12" Remix) * 
02. Eighth Wonder  |  I'm Not Scared (10'' Remix) @@ 
03. ABC  |  When Smokey Sings (The Miami Mix) 
04. Diana Ross  |  Love Hangover ['88] (12'' Version) @ 
05. Rick Astley  |  She Wants To Dance With Me (Original Extended R'n'B Version) + 
06. Four Tops  |  Reach Out I'll Be There ['88] (12'' Remix) @@ 
07. Holly Johnson  |  Americanos (PWL Extended Version) @ 
08. Godley & Creme  |  Snack Attack (Extended Remix) @ 
09. Jimmy Ruffin  |  Easy Just To Say (I Love You) (Extended Club Mix) @@ 
10. Basia  |  Until You Come Back To Me (Phil Harding 12'' Remix) @ 
11. Rick Astley  | Til The Day That I Die + 
12. Dead Or Alive  |  You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Murder Mix) # 

01. Blue Mercedes  |  I Want To Be Your Property (DEF B4 Dishonour Mix) @@ 
02. Pepsi & Shirlie  |  Heartache (Dot & Daisy's Club Remix) 
03. Imagination  |  Instinctual (Jack Leee Freak Mix) @@ 
04. Blow Monkeys  |  Digging Your Scene (Remix) @@ 
05. Rick Astley  |  Stay With Me Tonight + 
06. Fe Fi Fo Fum  |  Beat Your Body (Manhattan Mix) @@ 
07. The Blue August Project  |  Oxygen (Extended Dance Version) @ 
08. Sinitta  |  Body Shopping (New Vogue Version) + 
09. XS-5  |  I Need More (Extended Dance Version) @ 
10. Agents Aren't Aeroplanes  |  The Upstroke (12'') @@ 
11. Jimmy Ruffin  |  Truly Yours + 
12. Five Star  |  Rain Or Shine (Remix) 
13. Rick Astley  |  Never Gonna Give You Up (Phil Harding 12" Mix) + 

+ Previously unreleased
@@  First time on CD
@  First time on CD in the UK
* Rare on CD
# First time on CD from studio master original

Cherry Red Records  |  Sony  |  Universal   |   Blue August 
CD Project Producer  |  John Paul Palmer

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